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Hari Om, Swami Vedantananda.

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Yoga Nidra Three (31 minutes)
A classic Yoga Nidra with a forrest walk, river crossing and ocean waves lapping the shoreline.
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Listen to Yoga Nidra Three sample.
Chaturtha Pranayama (27 minutes)
Chaturtha Pranayama a meditation practice and a pranayama, combining awareness of breath, the mantra OM, and the chakras. It leads to a deeper awareness and understanding of the chakras and is a useful preparation for more advanced meditation practices.
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1) Yoga Nidra Three (30 minutes)

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2) Yoga Nidra Four (25 minutes)

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Two brand new Yoga Nidras with Swami Vedantananda, recorded at her retreat centre in Portugal. Deeply relaxing and not to be missed.

Listen to New for 2013 Yoga Nidra Three sample.
1) Yoga Nidra (36 minutes)
Profoundly relaxing Yoga Nidra Practice.
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2) Ajapa Japa (30 minutes)
A meditation practice using the breath & the mantra So Ham - the spontaneous repetition of mantra.
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Listen to Ajapa Japa sample.
Tattwa Yoga Nidra (46 minutes)
A complete Yoga Nidra practice focusing on the Tattwas (The Five Elements).
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Listen to Tattwa Yoga Nidra sample.
Gayatri Mantra Chanting & Meditation on the Heartspace (36 minutes)
Gayatri Mantra Chanting followed by a full Hridayakasha (Heartspace) Meditation.
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Listen to Heartspace Meditation sample.
1) Pawanmuktasana Part One (36 minutes)
Full instruction in all of the joint freeing/energy liberating exercises as taught by Swami Satyananda.
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2) The Complete Breath & Yoga Nidra (40 minutes)
A Complete Yogic Breath Practice followed by healing Yoga Nidra.
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Listen to Complete Breath Practice sample.
1) Yoga Nidra One (30 minutes)
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2) Yoga Nidra Two (29 minutes)
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Two Yoga Nidra Practices guiding the practictioner into a profound sense of deep relaxation.

Listen to Yoga Nidra sample.
*** ON SALE ***
Prana Nidra & Antar Dharshan (66 minutes)

A complete 46 minute Prana Nidra followed by 20 minute practice of Inner Vision (Antar Darshan).
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These two recordings are from some years ago and some background noise can be heard, as such they are being sold at a reduced price. It is worth remembering that these are rare and wonderul meditation practices led by Swami Vedantananda, well worth having in your yoga collection!

Listen to Prana Nidra sample.

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